Beth Carruthers
is an interdisciplinary scholar and artist whose work for more than 20 years has explored the human-world relationship. She is the author of a seminal research report for the Canadian Commission for UNESCO and the Canada Council for the Arts on Arts in Ecology (2006).

She lectures internationally, and works as a consultant and curator in the area of arts and sustainability. Since 2006 Beth has been developing and leading professional and university courses and programmes focused on creative, collaborative, transdisciplinary and intercultural responses to complex "wicked" problems of sustainability. Her scholarly work is widely taught and studied across the environmental humanities and arts.

She holds an MA in Values and Environment from the Institute for Environment, Philosophy and Public Policy at Lancaster University (UK). Currently, she is undertaking a self-designed research PhD at the University of British Columbia, investigating how embodied, aesthetic experience informs, forms, and transforms values and the human-world relationship across cultures.