Forum Facilitator

Ann Duffy
Ann Duffy runs her own consulting practice, Cypress Communications and Environmental Management, in Vancouver, B.C. She works with public, private and non-profit organizations, advising on and facilitating the planning, delivery and management of sustainability-oriented initiatives. Ann also teaches at Capilano College and Simon Fraser University.

Songbird Co-Directors

Beth Carruthers
is an artist, writer and cultural activist. For more than 20 years she has been exploring and developing arts and cultural practices that re-vision and re-connect people to place and meaning, and the mind to the heart. Beth was born in Vancouver and is co-founder and creative director of the SongBird project.

Nelson Gray
Nelson Gray, the artistic director of Savage Media and the co-artistic director of the SongBird Project, spends half his time imagining things and the other half making them happen.

Presenters at the Living City Forum

Herb Barbolet
Herb Barbolet, the co-Founder and Executive Director of FarmFolk/CityFolk Society, has worked in the field of Community Development for 30 years. He was Co-founder and former partner in the Glorious Garnish & Seasonal Salad Co., a Food Panelist on CBC Radio-Almanac Show, and is Co-author of Farm Folk City Folk, Douglas & McIntyre, 1998.

Nancy Bleck
Nancy Bleck is an artist, photographer & cultural activist whose concern for social and environmental inter-relationship has led to projects in the post-Communist Czech Republic, China, Cuba and the Squamish Northern Territory in B.C., Canada. She is the initiator and co-founder of Utsam/Witness, in partnership with the Squamish Nation. Utsam/Winess was the first arts residency at The Roundhouse Community Centre. She is currently working on a new arts & ecology collaboration called "Cedar People".

Cathy Booler
Cathy has been active in the Georgia Basin environmental community for the past seven years, working as the Administrative Director and Program Coordinator for the Georgia Strait Alliance. She is co-chair of the BC Environmental Network Health & Toxics Caucus, a board member of Toxics, Ink, and sits on the board of the Nanaimo Area Land Trust.

George Bowering
George Bowering writes books in B.C. His last publication was "Bowering's B.C. - A Swashbuckling History". He is currently completing "Egotists and Autocrats", a book about Canadian Prime Ministers, published by Viking/Penguin.

DB Boyko
DB Boyko, music director for the SongBird Oratorio, has been active in Vancouver as a perfomer, a composer, and as a music curator for the Western Front. She has also toured & performed throughout Canada, the USA, Indonesia, and Australia. Her loves include Javanese Gamelan,
ornithology, music, theatre & dance.

John Clarke
is an educator and a mountaineer with an intimate knowledge of and love for this province's wild places. He is a co-founder of the Witness project.

Gwen Curry
Gwen Curry is an artist based in Victoria who has shown her work nationally and internationally. Known primarily for her large scale mixed media drawings, she is also involved in sculpture and installation work. Her work is represented in numerous public & private collections. Galleries which represent her are: Equinox Gallery, Vancouver, Fran Willis Gallery, Victoria and Virginia Christopher Galleries, Calgary.

Christine Duncan
A musical chameleon with a near five octave range, vocalist Christine Duncan performs jazz, R&B, blues, gospel, top 40 pop, folk, new music opera and even childrens' music. Christine was nominated 1997 West Coast Female Vocalist of the Year by the Pacific Music Industry Assn. This spring she was the subject of a documentary-portrait entitled, Coming Home: Christine Duncan at Christ Church Cathedral.

David Fraser
Born and raised in Vancouver, David Fraser has worked with Environment Canada for approximately 9 years in the field of intergovernmental and international relations. Over the past three years David has been intimately involved in the development & implementation of the Georgia Basin Ecosystem Initiative - a broad partnership of governments, non-government organizations and communities committed to shared goals for a sustainable future in this part of the world.

Allan Grant
has been with BC Hydro for 19 years, starting as a meter reader in 1980. He is currently a Power Planning Specialist with BC Hydro's Power Generation business unit, and has championed the integration of community and energy planning, or Community Energy Planning, within BC Hydro. He is Chair of the B.C. Energy Aware Committee and sits as an associate on the G.V.R.D.'s
Technical Advisory Commitee, as well as the Fraser Valley Regional District's Intergovernmental Advisory Committee.

Cheeying Ho
Cheeying is currently the Executive Director of Better Environmentally Sound Transportation (BEST). A former high school & college teacher, Cheeying has worked for the past 6 years in environmental advocacy.

Hilary Keever, Adbusters
Adbusters Media Foundation is a media-literacy organization that's concerned about the erosion of our physical and cultural environments by commercial forces.

Dr. Joseph Lin
Dr. Joseph Lin is the President and CEO of the Taiwanese Canadian Intercultural Green Club, a board member of the Pacific Spirit Park Society, a board member of the B.C. Multi-ethnic Marrow Transplant Society, a member-at-large of the Greater Vancouver Regional Parks Forum, and a
conservation & eco-tourism columnist for Chinese media.

Shaugn Schwartz
Born and raised in Chomedy, Quebec, Shaugn completed a major in Urban Studies at Concordia University in Montreal. He moved to B.C. in 1995 to study Community and Regional Planning at UBC and has been active in the environmental movement ever since. In 1997 he founded the Transit User's Group (TUG) a lobby group for public transportation issues. He currently heads The Evergreen Foundation's western office.

Sekyu Siyam (Ian Campbell)
I am the youngest of sixteen Hereditary Chiefs of the Squamish Nation. My family lineage also descends from the Musqueam First Nations. The Squamish Nation currently employs me as the Cultural/Community Developer. My life is dedicated to learning and sharing the intricate heritage of my family with others. I teach mythology, art, history, song and dance, canoeing, land and resource, and inumerable aspects of the Coast Salish Culture. I believe sharing the spiritual & cultural values of the Coast Salish People will assist in educating and bridging the gap between cultures and promote closer relations.

Sandra Semchuk
Sandra Semchuk is a photographer who asks questions about identity, relationship to nature, and control over nature - particularly over our own natures. She teaches at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design.

James Tansey
James Tansey recently gained his PhD from the University of East Anglia in the UK. His research interests include environmental politics and economics, risk management, philosophy and the environment, business and the environment, and social science methodology. He has also worked for Outward Bound and for the United World Colleges network, of which Pearson College on Vancouver Island is a member.

is a Coast Salish carver, drum-maker and cultural worker. He has worked in communication and education for various school districts developing curriculum and doing cultural demonstrations. He has completed several large scale carving projects, one as artist in residence at the Roundhouse Community Centre's Witness program.

Lisa Walker
Lisa Walker is a musician/composer with an interest in technology and research. For the past four years she has been working with a team of scientists in southeast Alaska, studying the acoustic ecology of the Humpback Whale, and is now beginning similar research with Orcas. Her
upcoming album, The Grooved Whale, combines her underwater recordings of whales with layers of violin and rhythmic grooves.

Hildegard Westerkamp
Hildegard Westerkamp is a composer. She recycles sound. Vancouver has been her home since 1968. She was born in Germany. Her international work explores soundscape listening as a way to better understand and honor cultural differences.